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"B-10M handguard" milled rail is made of aluminum alloy D16T coated with black/desert color, designed for installation in the regular place of AK-103, AK-104, AK-105, AK-74S, AK-74M, AKM, AKMS. Has Picatinny rails on three sides.
Allows you to install additional equipment (grips, flashlights, laser designators, combined devices) as well as following rails: B-19 and B-19N upper handguards, B-22 rear sight rail, B-33 dust cover.

Advantages at operation:

  • strength (withstands more than 600 shots from a grenade launcher)
  • improves cooling of the barrel of the weapon in the area from the receiver to the gas tube
  • makes it possible to mount additional equipment

Material: D16T aluminum alloy
Overall dimensions: (165x54x41) ± 5 mm
Weight: 180 ± 10 gr.

In the kit:

  • Rail "B-10M handguard" rail - 1 pc.
  • Manual - 1 pc.
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