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"B-20U handguard" rail is made of aluminum alloy D16T coated with black / desert color, designed for installation on the regular place of the handguard of the Kalashnikov RPK.

Allows installation of B-19RPK upper handguard.
Side Picatinny rails can be bought separately and installed according to the needs of the user.


  • B-20U V.2.0
  • B-20U V.2.1

The product is available in two versions, depending on the mounting seat.
Seats on different shotguns may vary, so before buying, check the appearance of your regular handguard with following photo. Two types are possible: Type A with a wider seat and Type B with a narrower seat. Type A corresponds to B-20U V.2.0 handguard, Type B - to B-20U V.2.1 handguard.

Overall dimensions: (165х47х42) + 5 mm

Weight: 127 ± 10 g.

The kit includes:

  • "B-20U" handguard rail 1 pc.
  • Manual 1 pc.
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