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"B-21L handguard" rail is milled product made of aluminum alloy D16T coated with black or desert color.
Designed for Vityaz SN, Saiga-9, TR9 Raradox and rifles based on them.

"B-21L handguard" rail forms Basis rails on three sides. Basis rail allows to install additional accessories directly on handguard, in particular: B-2, B-2L, B-2M, B-2U Picatinny rails; A-1L, A-2L slingmounts; RL-1 hand stoppers; RK-0L, RK-1L, RK-2L, RK-4L, RK-6L grips; NPN-2 Basis rail covers; FP-3 wire holders. It is possible to install B-19 or B-19N upper handguards, B-22 rear sight rail. It is possible to use the rail as a part op "Sport-2" or "Sport-3" kit.

Material: D16T aluminum alloy

Weight: 85 ± 5 g

Overall dimensions: (170x38x40) ± 5 mm

Operating ambient temperature range: -50 to +50°C

In the kit:

  • "B-21L handguard" rail - 1 pc.;
  • Manual - 1 pc.;
  • Screws M5x7 - 8 pcs.

Attention! M5х7 screws will be needed in case of installation of B-19, B-19N, B-22 rails. Do not use screws from the kits of those rails (M5x9) with B-21L! M5x9 screws are made for B-21M handguard, not for B-21L.

To install "B-21L handguard" rail on the weapon is necessary to:

1. Make an incomplete disassembly of the weapon and remove the regular handguard.

2. Install the "B-21L handguard" instead of the regular handguard. B-21L should be installed very rigidly, for that it is necessary to:

- install the regular handguard retailer on B-21L;

- attach B-21L to the receiver;

- place a wooden or metal spacer on handguard retainer, hammer in B-21L rail into the receiver of the weapon;

- close the lever on handguard retainer.

3. Assemble the rifle.


Attention! Do not file the handguard during installation. This can lead to the formation of a backlash at the junction of the handguard with the receiver.


The hardness of the handguard landing determines the hardness of the landing of the sights, which affects the accuracy of the shot.

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