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The "B-33" rail above the receiver (receiver cover) is a set of all-milled products made of D16T alloy coated in black or desert color.

It is mounted on brackets “B-10M" or "B-30” by means of five screws. Four screws form four support points of the "B-33" rail on the handguard, and one screw forms an additional fifth support point, fixing the "B-33" rail on the receiver and forms a Picatinny rail 170 mm long (17 numbered cells) above the "AK" receiver, which does not overlap the line of sight when using standard mechanical sights.

The receiver cover "B-33" , with an integrated Picatinny rail, is compatible with all "AK" models. Allows you to install any devices.

Provides a constant installation of sights with repeated opening closing.

Weight: 215 ± 10 g

Overall dimensions: (300х50х37) ± 2 mm

Operating temperature range: from -50 ° С to + 50 ° С

Warranty period of storage and operation: 60 months.

In the kit:

B-33 rail1 pc.
Rear and front recoil spring guides1 pc.
M5x7 screws4 pcs.
Manual1 pc.

To install the bracket above the B-33 receiver on a weapon, you need:

1. Remove the standard receiver cover, remove the standard return spring assembly, put the check mark on the gas pipe retainer and the rear sight to the upper position.
2. Unscrew, with the included Allen key, the mounting screws from the bracket above the B-33 receiver, and then unscrew the screw from the insert.
3. Install the "B-33" rail in the grooves of the already installed bracket “B-10M" or "B-30" and fasten the four mounting screws, then install the steel insert and tighten the insert screw (it is advisable to install it on the thread lock). Then tighten the four screws that secure the cover to the handguard, then install the bolt frame and the return spring assembly included in the "B-33" kit, close and lock the "B-33" using the return spring retainer.

It is not recommended to use the "B-33" rail in conjunction with a damper.

More detailed illustrated instructions are in the operation manual.

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