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Grayguns HK P30, P2000 Short Reset System

Grayguns HK P30, P2000 Short Reset System

Replicate our custom in-house short reset conversion with a drop-in kit for your HK P2000 or P30 without a thumb safety. Cut from bar stock steel, these kits provide an exacting fit for easy install.


The kit shortens the reset travel distance by about one-third, reduces trigger over-travel and reduces pull weight while maintaining all factory safety functions.This kit is specific to the HK P2000 and P30 models without a thumb safety, including DA/SA, LEM variations


The parts provided ? 

control latch, extended sear roll pin and firing pin block spring ?

are designed to be installed together as a complete system and all must be installed to function. One variation available. One for DA/SA and LEM triggers.

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