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HKP HK VP9/VP9SK, HK VP40 Ultra Match Spring Set

HKP HK VP9/VP9SK, HK VP40 Ultra Match Spring Set

Ultra Match drop-in spring kit will give your VP9, VP40 an even smoother, crisper, and lighter pull that helps promote consistent match-grade accuracy, and control, by dropping the trigger pull of your VP9, VP40 by an average of 2+ pounds.


Each two-part precision calibrated spring set will deliver consistent force through the entire compression/release cycle to give you a light, refined trigger without sacrificing the reliability of your pistols passive safety systems. The high strength match-grade springs were carefully made to ensure that you get consistent energy output every time you pull the trigger.


You can also be assured that this spring set up will not degrade the ignition systems' reliability. The VP9/VP40 is already among the top tier striker-fired pistol, and this spring set will offer even more to set the HK VP9, HK VP40 apart from the rest of the pack.


Each spring set includes:

  • Ultra Match Trigger Return Spring
  • Ultra Match Sear/Catch Spring


Fits All:

  • HK VP9, VP9 Tactical
  • HK VP40, VP40 Tactical
  • HK VP9SK, VP9SK Tactical
  • HK VP9L, VP9L-B


Both springs are a direct replacement, drop-in springs. Our trigger return spring tool is a critical tool and a must-have when installing any trigger return spring in your HK firearm.


Please note that you can use just the sear spring only if you wish. No need to use the trigger return spring if you do not want to use the trigger return spring component of the set. The "short" leg of the trigger return spring will rest on the backside of the VP9 trigger when installed properly.

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