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PT-5 skeleton-type milled telescopic folding stock with a rubber back and a rubber cheek pad is designed for installation and operation on AKM.

Allows to make adjustments based on tasks and individual physique of the shooter.

Operational benefits:

  • no modification of the weapon is required during installation;
  • adjustable cheek and adjustable back;
  • telescopic mechanism has a wide range of length adjustments (10 cm. - 3.9 inches);
  • the original mechanism allows you to fold and fix the butt stock along the receiver of the weapon in any position of the telescopic mechanism, as well as adjust the height of the cheek and the height of the butt pad;
  • in the lower position of the cheeks allows you to work with a mechanical sight;
  • two variants of rubber cover for back of the butt stock: wide, narrow;
  • slingmount.

Material : D16T alloy coated in black color.

Weight: 595 ± 10 (in the delivery assembly: wide butt pad)

Overall dimensions: (261/361 x 121/142 x 49)

Operating temperature range: from -50 ° С to + 50 ° С

Warranty period of storage and operation: 60 months.

In the kit:

  • PT-5 butt stock (1 pc)
  • Hex key (1 pc)
  • Rubber cover for back of the stock (2 pcs)
  • Manual (1 pc)

To install PT-5 telescopic stock on a weapon it is necessary to:
1. Unscrew the fixing screws of the regular butt stock and remove it from the seat (hammer out).
2. Insert the PT-5 butt stock into the AKM (hammer in through a spacer) and tighten the mounting screws.
3. To fold the PT-5, it is necessary to press the button on the bottom and fold the stock until it locks.
4. To unfold the PT-5, it is necessary to press the button on the top and unfold the stock until it locks.
5. To adjust the length of the butt stock, raise the locking lever, press a button on the lever and set the required length of the PT-5. After setting the required length of the PT-5, lower the locking lever.
6. To set the desired height of the cheek is necessary to:

  • loosen the screws and set the cheek to the required height;
  • tighten the screws, lock the cheek at the selected height.

7. To set the desired recoil pad height:

  • loosen the screw and set the back plate to the required height;
  • tighten the screw, fix the recoil pad at the selected height.

8. Install the necessary rubber pad on the back of the butt stock

Moving parts of the telescopic butt length adjustment mechanism must be cleaned during maintenance of the weapon.

More detailed illustrated instructions are in the instruction manual.

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