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Tunable Front Sight/Gas Block Combo (45°/90° Gas Ports)

Tunable Front Sight/Gas Block Combo (45°/90° Gas Ports)

SKU: 21554345656

Rifle Dynamics Tunable front sight/gas block features a set screw on the front face to close & open gas. This makes it ideal for suppression as well as tuning for reliable use with a variety of ammo types. The RD Tunable gas block combines both the front sight and gas block into one unit, which will lighten up the front of your AK and will additionally make for a faster handling rifle by moving weight back and improving balance.



The Tunable FS/GB (front sight/gas block) features an adjustment screw on the front face of the block to either open or close off gas. The front sight mechanically adjusts the same as a traditional/standard AK front sight. The drum adjusts windage left and right, and the post screws up and down for elevation. *Includes AK sight tool but most sight tools will work with our block. 


***Gas blocks will work with most AKM/AK74 patterned rifles with the acceptable journal range listed above. For all Serbian/Yugoslavian, Chinese, Vepr, or other larger size barrels it will require a professional gunsmith for installation.***


  • Works with both 45° and 90° gas ports
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