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Serbian 7.62x39 30rd Magazine (last round bolt hold open)

Serbian 7.62x39 30rd Magazine (last round bolt hold open)

  • Serbian military grade 7.62x39 Black magazine
  • 30rd capacity
  • Polymer frame with steel reinforced rear locking lug
  • Yugo style last round BHO (bolt hold open) 
  • Works with any 7.62x39 AK rifle that accepts double stack magazines


Temperature Testing:

These Serbian military magazines are tested at high and low temperature ranges- and must exhibit consistent strength, resistance to shatter, and lubricity from -40˚ C to +60˚ C. There was no "Creep" at high temperatures, and the lubricity at high and low temps was consistent- meaning no change in how "Slick" the movement of cartridges is over the inner walls or off the follower and feed lips.


Drop Testing:

Unlike most other polymer mags, the Serbian ones have to pass a loaded military drop test, in a rifle, from shoulder height onto concrete. First loaded with ammunition, placed in an AK, dropped 10 times on the right side, 10 times on the left side, then ten times directly on the bottom of the magazine, and there can't be any issues with the locking lugs or feeding. These passed with honors.



The body, follower, and floorplate are made from a special polyamide made in Germany specifically for Tora's Serbian Military products. High tensile strength, high flexibility, high impact strength, very low "Creep" and a very resilient surface lubricity are characteristics of this polyamide. The magazines are black in color, and the follower is built with a long base, to complement the "Leg" that is in the lower magazine spring base. This "Leg" matches the long follower to keep the feed from tilting when loaded. The custom German polyamide is highly resistant to oils, solvents, and fungus. It has a high resistance to oxygenation, UV light, and has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion.

These magazines have a steel locking lug embedded in the rear for lock up, and a steel reinforced Bolt Hold Open striker face on the follower. Both of these metal parts are properly hardened with a corrosion resistant finish. The spring is made from C quality steel wire according German DIN standards (the best wire designated for springs). The producer of the wire is in Italy. The spring is treated for 24 hours pressed wire to wire. The treatment it receives results in two very important features; first, the spring has a much reduced spring surge, maintaining an even presentation of cartridges to the bolt. (Reliable feeding). Second, the spring strength will not degrade from being stored in loaded condition.

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