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«Sport-5U» kit is designed for rifles with RPK-based receiver, that have a fixation lever on handguard retainer. Has Basis rails on five sides. Basis rail allows installation of additional accessories compatible with Basis directly on handguard (Picatinny rails, slingmounts, hand stoppers, grips, switches, rail covers, wire holders).


  • strength;
  • improves the cooling of barrel in the place between the receiver and the gas tube;
  • allows installation of additional equipment.


Material: aluminum alloy D16T

Weight: 390 ± 10 g

Product length: 330 mm

Working range of ambient temperature: from -50 to +50 0С.


  • Sport-5U V1.0
  • Sport-5U V1.1


The product is available in two versions, depending on the mounting seat of handguard (difference is only in B-20L handguard type, other rails are the same).
Seats on different weapons may vary, so before buying, check the appearance of your regular handguard with following photo. Two types are possible: Type A with a wider seat and Type B with a narrower seat. Type A corresponds to B-20L V1.0 handguard (Sport-5U V1.0), Type B - to B-20L V1.1 handguard (Sport-5U V1.1).

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