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«Sport-8» kit is designed for «Saiga-308» (version 46, version 61). Has Basis rails on five sides. Basis rail allows to attach additional equipment, compatible with Basis, directly on handguard (Picatinny rails, slingmounts, hand stoppers, grips, switches, rail covers, wire holders).



  • strength;
  • improves the cooling of the barrel in the place between the receiver and the gas tube;
  • allows to mount additional accessories.



Weight: 300 ± 10 г

Product length: 250 mm

Material: aluminum alloy D16T

Ambient temperature during operation: from -50 to +50 0С.


In the kit:

«B-31RPK» rail1 pc.
«B-23L handguard» rail1 pc.
«DL-3» rail1 pc.
Side bar "Sport-4"2 pcs.

6 pcs.
4 pc.
Manual1 pc.



To install «Sport-8» do the following:

  • Perform an incomplete disassembly of the rifle, take off the regular handguard and the regular gas tube cover.
  • Install B-23Lrail instead of the regular handguard. Install regular handguard retainer on B-23L. Hammer it until it fits (hit the handguard retainer through a spacer). Close the lever on handguard retainer.
  • Install B-31RPK rail.
  • Install DL-3 rail. Screw in 6 M5x7 screws. Left two openings on the right side unscrewed, you will install a side bar here.
  • Install side bars. One on the bottom, one on the right. Use longer M5x9 screws.


Warranty period – 60 months.

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