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SURESHOT MK2.1 Chassis System

SURESHOT MK2.1 Chassis System

The SAG USA AK MK2.1 Freefloat Chassis is a complete upgrade solution for the AK platform, for PSA, choose AKM/AK74 (stamped, NOT COMPATIBLE with VEPR, Zastavas, and VSKA)



Made in the USA!


  • Optics and Laser/IR Devices are mounted in-line on a monolithic upper rail

  • Optics and Laser/IR Devices DO NOT need to be removed to service/clean the weapon system

  • Great Heat Dissipation allowing safe use of Laser/IR Devices, White Lights, and Tape Switches, as well as gloveless operation (even through 120 rounds of full auto fire).

  • Freefloating Barrel eliminates POI shifts from handling/resting on barricade or cover/bipod use

The MK2.1 Chassis allows the use of factory Iron Sights when installed.

Fits any AK47 \ SAIGA (except .308) \AK74 type of riles with standard AK47 \ AK74 \ AK105 gas system length. WILL FIT Arsenal SLR 104 (5.45x39mm)! 


Precision Machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum, the kit includes the following:

  • Main Mount

  • Gas Tube

  • M-Lok Lower Handguard

  • 1913 Picatinny Rail Upper (also allows for direct attachment of ACOG sights)

Can be end user installed without the need for special tools in 15 minutes.

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