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Vzor- 3 Red Dot Zenitco

Vzor- 3 Red Dot Zenitco

"Vzor-3" red dot sights are designed for aiming on small and middle distances.
The product is designed to be installed on various types of small arms (hunting) weapons on Picatinny rails or Basis rails.

Technical specification:

Lens diameter22 mm
Aiming mark size (dot)1 MOA
Aiming mark size (circle)34 MOA
Compatibility with NVDYes
Adjustments1 click = 1 MOA
Brightness of aiming mark11 levels
Off position2 side positions of rotary switch.

Battery type:
Battery: 2032, 3V.

Time of continuous work on one battery:
6 months in middle brightness.

Values are valid at room temperature and the proper quality of the battery.
A battery is installed inside the product by the manufacturer.

Environmental specification:
Temperature: from -50 to +60° С.
Water resistance: immersion in water up to a maximum of 1 m is allowed.

Red dot: Aluminum alloy D16T
Platforms: Aluminum alloy D16T with steel elements
Lens covers: Polymer

Weight (without battery, platform and lens covers) – 103 ± 2 gr.

Overall dimensions (without platform and lens covers) – (69х52х39) ± 2 mm.


In the kit:


«Vzor-3» red dot1 pc.
Battery1 pc.
PB-1 Platform1 pc.
Lens covers2 pcs.
Manual1 pc.
Packaging-metal cylinder





In regular configuration «Vzor-3» is installed on PB-1 quick release platform by four screws. It is possible to use other platforms (sold separately).


1. Zeroing units with protective caps:

1.1. Vertical zeroing unit;

1.2. Horizontal zeroing unit;

2. Rotary switch of brightness control;

3. Battery unit;

4. Openings for screws;

5. PB-1 fixation lever on Picatinny rail;

6. Fixation screw

7. Stopping pin of fixation screw.


8. Rotary switch of aiming mark

Aiming mark

Aiming mark is red. Brightness may be adjusted.





Circle and dot Circle Dot


Dot size: 1 MOA*.

1 click: 1 MOA.



* 1 MOA at 100 m ≈ 29 mm.



Platform types:

«Vzor-3» red dot is compatible with various platforms manufactured by Zenit, LLC. Some of them are included in the kit, some are sold separately. Platforms allow installation of red dot at different heights, with quick release, without quick release, on Picatinny rail, on Basis rail.

Vzor-3 is compatible with following platforms:

PB-1 quick release platform - In the kit;

PN-1 platform - Sold separately;

PV-P30 platform - Sold separately;

PV-P39 platform - Sold separately;

PV-B45U platform - Sold separately;

PV-B20 platform - Sold separately;

PV-B30 platform - Sold separately;

PV-B39 platform - Sold separately;

PV-30 spacer- Sold separately;

PV-39 spacer- Sold separately;

Height of optical axis.

Depending on the platform that you use with the red dot ( sold separately). in various configurations, the height of the optical axis can be: 17 mm., 20 mm., 26 mm., 30 mm., 35 mm., 39 mm., above the top point of Picatinny rail or Basis rail.


The manufacturer guarantees the conformity of the product with the technical specifications, the trouble-free operation of the device for 12 months from the date of sale, provided that the consumer complies with the operating rules set out in this manual.


How to install see those in the video

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